Our Diversity is Our Value

True Value Company services a diverse group of independently-owned hardware retailers. Some big, some small. Some urban, some rural. Different races, ethnicities and backgrounds. Our retailers pride themselves on being unique and independent as they do important work to serve their local communities. It is within our company's very nature to embrace and celebrate the amazing differences that exist between our stores, our store owners and our employees.  

In the wake of the harrowing events that have occurred over the past weeks, we, with the guidance of our Inclusion and Diversity Council, have been centering our support efforts on our employees. We have focused internally on what we can do to inspire positive change. But we feel compelled to go further. We want to make it clear to the broader world that we take our corporate responsibility to speak out against racism seriously and affirmatively state that we will not tolerate discrimination or inequality in our company. We are, and always will be, better and stronger together.