Crest Hardware & Madewell- Quality You Can See

October 12, 2018

True Value retailers are the most dynamic in the industry. Joe Franquinha, owner of Crest True Value Hardware in Brooklyn, New York is always looking for innovative ways to utilize his retail space. Recently, Madewell, an apparel and fashion company owned by J. Crew, hosted a launch party for its new men’s line at Franquinha’s store.  

Crest Hardware, accentuated by its one-of-a-kind urban garden center, transformed into a hub for hardware and fashion when the launch party kicked off on September 13. The event included a pop-up denim bar in the plumbing section, exclusive t-shirt giveaway and more. Overall, the function was an outstanding success, and it has since garnered Joe’s retail space a prime venue for special occasions.

“It was great to work with one of the top retailers in the U.S.,” Franquinha said. “The fact that the event exceeded their expectations is such a remarkable feat… I attribute it to the professionalism that both Madewell and my team brought to the table.”

The denim bar was opened up to the public Friday through Sunday, where droves of customers came in to sample and purchase clothing from Madewell’s new line while stocking up on their hardware needs. Both retailers saw a surge in sales that capped off the weekend perfectly.

“We really turned their shopping trips into an experience,” Franquinha said. “Customers came in to be educated about hardware and to learn what made the clothing they picked out such high quality. Madewell and Crest had the knowledge and expertise to help make sure people were getting the best products. It’s like the logo says: Madewell and Crest, quality you can see.”


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