Heyer Hardware Celebrates 150 Years

October 18, 2018
Local, multi-generational businesses hold a special place in the hearts of their customers and in the fabric of our nation. They are built on hard work, dedication and the kind of customer service that creates lasting personal relationships.

Heyer True Value Hardware, the epitome of the much-loved, local family business, celebrated its 150th anniversary in Walworth, Wisconsin, on October 6 and 7, 2018.

Six generations have made Heyer Hardware a local go-to establishment. It all began when John Jacob Heyer, a tinner, immigrated from Germany, settled in Wisconsin and opened the first Heyer Hardware in 1868. His store featured milk pails, work pails, and cooking and baking pans. Since that 19th century start, the business has changed locations, recovered from a fire, and expanded.

Three generations of Heyers took part in the anniversary celebration, as did True Value’s President and CEO John Hartmann, Director of Retail Operations Lyn Immerman, Regional Director Mike Meikle, District Manager Aaron Stevens and Business Advisor Amanda Bein. Festivities included the classic board cutting, presentation of a True Value commemorative plaque, cake and an anniversary sale.

The community turned out for the event with big sales in paint, outdoor furniture and power tools, as well as new True Value Rewards registrations.

Congratulations to Heyer True Value Hardware for a successful 150 years. We look forward to the next 150!