H & L Rapid True Value: Changing the Game in Jamaica

February 22, 2018
A True Value retailer since 1994, Hardware and Lumber Ltd currently operates ten H&L Rapid True Value stores and five H&L Agro stores across Jamaica. H&L has a rich history of change, transformation and adaptation. Recently, they re-launched two Rapid locations: their 26,724 sq. ft. Lane facility in November 2017, followed by Ocho Rios (17,116 sq. ft.) in December.

Over the last few months, H&L kicked off a massive storewide rebranding campaign, introducing new marketing initiatives, logos, signage, merchandising and associate education efforts. This retailer is on-track for success, keeping the H&L spirit intact while offering a refreshed look and outstanding customer service. To that end, H&L recruited additional representatives to help homeowners personalize their living spaces creatively and economically. Special paint consultants have also been trained to promote TVM paint and enhance sales, with outstanding results.

Along the way, H&L faced one particular challenge: redesigning and restocking stores while preserving a friendly, comfortable environment for customers. Fortunately, the recent relaunches proved they can continue to grow and modernize while staying open for business. Above all, they learned the value of staying organized, adhering to a strict timeline, communicating frequently with True Value, actively pursuing local press, and allocating sufficient time for planning and implementing changes.

Their 2018 plan is focused on refreshing new locations, investing in people, extending channels, launching e-commerce platforms and matching best-in-class standards by being the destination for building and home improvement supplies.

Congratulations, H&L Rapid True Value!