Nemnich True Value Revamps 150-Year Old Building

August 09, 2018
From May 18-19, Shawn and Jennifer Nemnich held a grand opening in Ellsworth, Kansas, for their first True Value store. The couple bought the 5,900 sq. ft. historic building from long-time True Value retailers Ted and Cynthia Edgerle last year, giving new life to a hardware store that has been in operation since 1868. They immediately began a DTV remodel, which they completed this spring with help from their returned equity money.

Nemnich True Value’s new inline paint center has been incredibly popular, thanks to the BOGO promotion. Their robust Stihl section has also gotten kudos and they’re known in the area for their outdoor power knowledge.

Opening weekend drew guests including True Value retail consultant Berkley Buhrle, Stihl representative Jeremiah Stark and Forney associate Jamie Greer. The store ran four large customer giveaways for a mower, Weber grill, welder, and power washer.

Shawn encourages fellow retailers to “make sure you understand the timeline the remodel process requires and how your construction tasks mesh with it. I knew it would take a lot of hours, but the sheer volume of time was even greater than anticipated. I’m grateful we survived our first year and really proud of the look and feel of our new store and the many compliments from our customers. I’m glad we stuck with the DTV process, which ultimately improved our product presentation and traffic flow throughout the building.”

Congratulations to Shawn and Jennifer and the Nemnich True Value team!