Our vision is to make you the destination hardware store in town.

True Value is a passionate community of 4,500 independently owned retail stores. As a hardware wholesaler with a retail consumer brand, we offer you over 85,000 products at wholesale prices, plus optional programs to support your retail operations and sales.


Our company has demonstrated a consistent and positive financial performance in key areas.

  • Strong balance sheets and industry-leading programs to fund store growth and remodeling.
  • Predictable profits and competitive rebate programs.


Our top priority is to support your business and develop programs that work to make you more profitable.

  • Success is measured by what you sell versus what we ship.
  • Our merchants deliver the best programs, with the best products, at the best prices in the marketplace.

Our vision is to help every True Value retailer be the best hardware store in town. As their wholesaler of choice, our focus is to offer them the support, products, marketing resources and technology they require to provide their customers with outstanding service.

True Value gives you the flexibility to utilize the optional add-ons that meet your individual needs.


Unlike typical franchises and hardware co-ops, True Value requires no investments or franchise fees that may limit your profitability. You have the freedom to operate your business as you see fit. This includes the optional use of our nationally recognized brand name, shared by 2,200 other stores. This also includes the ability to choose the wholesale products and retail programs that fit your budget and drive the most retail sales for your business.

  • The company exists to support the success of independent retailers.
  • Every store is different. We understand no one knows your business like you do.
  • The most important thing about our business is to help you profitably grow yours.
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