Beman True Value Hardware: A Legacy Continues

Beman True Value Hardware, a longtime fixture of the Grandby, CT community for over 85 years, has recently handed over the reigns to longtime employee, Vinnie Pagano. Vinnie worked for the Beman family for 10 years before taking on the exciting role.

A decade ago, fresh out of college, he walked through the doors of Beman True Value Hardware in pursuit of a job opportunity. He was trained in everything, from the ins-and-outs of paints to operating a forklift, and gradually transitioned into managing the paint section. Looking back, he recalls, “At the time, I needed a job and started working here, and then I just fell in love with it.” 

A couple of years ago, he started handling more “upstairs” work, where the office is located in the store. Eventually, the Beman family started broaching the conversation of business succession – and Vinnie was interested. After a few accounting courses and the ultimate decision to take the solo plunge into small business management, Vinnie became the new owner of Beman True Value Hardware. 

“This was all on me,” he said. “No one in my family does this.” 

Working in a family-owned business has given him a sense of belonging. The store radiates a tight-knit familial atmosphere and has always been a space where employees and the community share a unique bond. Vinnie said, “Everyone here is happy to help everyone. And after my transition [to owner], all of our employees stayed.” 

While he has made subtle changes, like introducing a small lumber display and updating the front sign, the essence of the store remains the same. Customers love the local touch, and they never hesitate to express their appreciation.  

“They tell us, ‘We love coming here and that you’re here, staying local’,” he said. 

Beyond its physical walls, the store holds a special place in the community. Through its support for Granby Little League, contributions to school proms and its immediate assistance in times of need, the store has become a beacon of reliability. In an age of online shopping, the store stands as a testament to the charm and necessity of local businesses. “Things break, and you need it right away. You’re still going to have to wait if you order online,” Vinnie said, emphasizing the value of a store right around the corner. 

As for the store’s future, he is both “excited and happy” to continue its legacy. And he isn’t alone in this journey. Jo and Dianne, previous storekeepers, still work there part-time, always ready with advice or support when he needs it. 

Congrats, Vinnie and the Beman True Value Hardware team, on this new adventure!