Hankins Hardware Gets a New Look

November 06, 2017
From October 21-23, Hankins Hardware celebrated a grand reopening. The DTV store in Portland, Oregon, was long overdue for some modernizing and owner Lois Hankins is pleased she took the leap, as she saw a 33% sales increase opening weekend.

With only 3,627 retail sq. feet to work with, the limited space posed a challenge—but the Springfield RDC provided a trailer for fixtures and merchandise so the store could keep operating during the remodel. The team’s hard work in a confined space ultimately paid off, as customers have responded positively to the new layout, which boasts more robust CTBs and an expanded fasteners section. The front end of the facility was also redesigned to open up space and prioritize the Paint department. Additionally, new LEDs were installed to brighten everything up.

True Value’s RM Greg Wood and RC Steve Duday attended the ribbon cutting ceremony, which included giveaways such as a grill and high-pressure washer. The event also raised donations for the local Boys and Girls Club, who were on-site serving hot dogs and soda to guests.

Congratulations to Lois Hankins, store manager Wendy Fisher, and the Hankins Hardware team!